Wednesday, November 21, 2007

why Ajax is the right choice for business applications ?

With the emergence of the Web 2.0 trend, alternatives to Ajax technology seem to be popping up on an almost daily basis. Technologies such as Microsoft's Silverlight™, Adobe's Flex™ and Sun's JavaFX™ claim a nearly identical set of benefits in exchange for moving off of the internationally standardized web platform.
It's a bad bet. Here's why.

Reach & Simplicity

In the early web, when the idea of a "web application" was new, web applications delivered primitive functionality that paled in comparison to installable applications. This was considered a reasonable tradeoff because of the audience that could be reached, the simplicity of not having to install anything or maintain software on end user's machines. Reach and simplicity mattered more than anything.
Reach and simplicity are just as important today.

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