Thursday, December 20, 2007

Opera 9.25 Released

Opera for Windows is a great alternative to Internet Explorer. It allows you to surf safer, faster, and easier, and it comes loaded with all the tools you need on the Web.

Opera has mouse gesturing, tabs, a speed dial feature which can hold nine commonly accessed web pages on the main starup screen when the browser lauches (if a homepage is not set), the ability to move back and forth with cached web pages rather than requesting a full page refresh, the ability to mimic or report itself as being Firefox, IE, or other browsers, and several other features which make it a desirable alternate choice.

Opera is a free download and works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris SPARC and Intel, QNX, OS/2, Linux SPARC, PowerPC and i386, Free BSD i386 and BeOS. Version 9.25 is the latest stable release. Opera also release future versions which are still under development. The current "preview release" as Opera calls it, is version 9.50b.

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