Thursday, August 28, 2008

PC BACKUP PRO 8.0 - The Most Complete and Easiest Way to Safely Backup Critical Data

Everybody knows that it is smart to backup important files. With Migo PC Backup, Migo Software's smart and powerful backup software, protection is easy to setup so that your backups happen automatically.

Migo PC BackUp takes the hassle out of making backups, so that you won't have to remember when to do it, or struggle to replace a missing or damaged file. You just select your options and the frequency it backs up, and are rest assured that your valuable files are protected. Migo PC BackUp is the ideal solution for securing your photo memories, family movies, and important documents.

Product Benefits at a Glance
1. Comprehensive system backup and disaster recovery software
2. Perfect for desktop, laptop and network backup at your home or small business
3. Backup to Hard Drives, CD-R/RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, USB Drives, Tape Drives, and more
Built in scheduler makes setting up automatic backups quick and easy
4. Wizards provide simple step-by-step instructions to backup an entire system or just a few files
5. Backup entire system, selected files or folders, or just "new and changed" files
Spans backups across multiple pieces of media and use compression to consume less backup media
6. Powerful Disaster Recovery enables the recovery of applications and operating system in the event of hard drive failure

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