Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CES 2008 : SpaceTime 3D Web browser

SpaceTime has officially launched its SpaceTime 1.0 3D web browser, which turns internet searches, YouTube videos, eBay listings and all manner of other web content into 3D elements that swoosh around the screen.

That's the main appeal behind SpaceTime's new self-titled browser. The concept applies to image searching and even Ebay - type in what you want and receive pictures of several top results instantaneously.

Additionally, SpaceTime allows users to create mulitple tabs, and have them in the background and all time for easy toggling back and forth and so you remember exactly which sites you have open.
"We hope to dynamically change the way people use the web," said SpaceTime CEO Edward Bakhas in statement released during CES. Users can download version 1.0 the spaceTime browser at Try it out.....

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