Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now anyone can create stunning websites online in just minutes

I’m excited to let everyone know about a brand new Web-based technology.It’s called Roxer and represents what we believe is the future of Web page design (screen shots). Roxer which aims to be the easiest way to make a web page:

"Targeted mostly for novices, where with Roxer anyone can build just about any Web page they want using a Web browser (no plug-ins) and without a single line of code. Think Visio, MS Word, or OmniGraffle, but extremely simple and completely on Web-based.

There are a lot of cool features in Roxer, including cross-tab copy/paste, which were extremely difficult to implement. It’s only due to a background in JavaScript hacking were we successful. Other Web 2.0 / Ajax’ish stuff like Drag & Drop, Rich Text Editing, and Edit-in-Place were zip zap after that".

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