Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mini Projector - Enhance your quality for life

Do you love to watch movies or TV programs through a small or big screen? For me, I prefer big screen compare to the small one. But most of us, do not like to buy the big screen laptop or monitor just because for this purpose. It is really hard for us to carry the big screen laptop with us. But anyhow, by owning a small projector as shown as above, it will solve the problems that we meet.

A really mini projector allows us to watch movies or TV episodes stored on our SD (Secure Digital) memory card on a bigger screen. It is a newly unveiled Micro SD Card Projector.

It has a slot in the back that accepts a SD card. (165mm long x 105mm wide)’s mini projector could project the video at up to 1,015 x 850mm in size. It could view slideshows and listen to MP3 files as well. There will be no cables trailing all over the place as the mini projector is a standalone unit that simply uses four AA batteries to operate.

For those who are interested, could own this mini projector with just amounted around USD 197 or MYR 650 through online purchase. Get it here

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