Sunday, May 11, 2008

Free SMS In Malaysia

txtbuddies is an ad sponsored SMS messaging application that works from within any Internet Browser.
txtbuddies only allows you to send to other txtbuddies subscribers. The community messaging approach means that only subscribers who have validated their mobile number during registration can use this service. And as the number of the Sender always appears at the top of each message, you’ll know exactly who is sending the TXT.

txtbuddies partnered with select sponsors in a number of world regions. Each message you send is appended with an ‘ad tag’ from their sponsors. txtbuddies will not deliver a FREE TXT message unless there is an ‘ad sponsor’ in your region.

Alternatively, elect to purchase SMS credits. These will cover the delivery cost of your message to a non ad-sponsored region. For more details, view the coverage page for the latest summary of FREE ‘ad sponsored’ regions and associated SMS delivery costs.

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