Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Make your phone call you at a particular time

Have you ever asked your coworker or your friend to call you to help you escape an interminable meeting or end a bad date? Now a simple website- phonemyphone can do a favor for you, what you need is just enter your own phone number to the site, and choose a date and time.
The site will then ring you (for free) at the time you specify. You could also have it call you immediately, which could be useful if you want to find your cell phone and don’t have another phone handy, as killerstartups points out.

Sounds deviously useful, and when I tried it just now. The message showed :”can’t call! Calls between 10PM and 6AM PST (1AM and 9AM EST) are disabled. Please email David if you would like a paid account that removes these restrictions”.

After i changed the timer to make another try, The message showed :”Can’t call! Invalid phone number. We can only call valid US phone numbers”. You’re in luck if you are in US.

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