Monday, June 23, 2008

ActiveSpeed can make you internet connection run up 375% faster

The popular boosting software, ActiveSpeed, makes your online Internet speed much faster. Save your money by downloading files faster and spending less time online. Download broadband files like MP3s, MPEGS, AVIs, ASFs and other files much quicker.

In fact, your speeds can start to approach those broadband users get who pay up to double the cost of the software each and every month! How does the software work? It simply edits and optimizes many hidden settings in the Windows “registry” database which are usually not setup properly for your connection. The software is guaranteed to speed up and boost your connection, and can be evaluated for up to thirty days absolutely free.

The program works with almost all computers — all you need is a copy of any version of Windows and any Internet connection (28.8, 33.6, 56K modem, DSL, cable, etc.) . All online activities we tested showed vast improvements: chatting, emailing, instant messaging, playing games, downloading files, updating web sites and more.

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