Sunday, June 29, 2008

ADrive offers 50GB of free Online Storage & Backup

ADrive gives you up to 50GB of free online storage for all of your files: music, video, photos, documents, and other files.
The process is simple:
Sign Up: Register for a free secured account.
Upload: Once registered simply login and begin uploading your files.
Access: Gain access to your stored files from anywhere you have Internet access, at any time.
Share: Email your shared files to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Key Features:
ADrive is constantly looking for ways to simplify the management of your data-intensive lifestyle.
Avoid the Hassle, Avoid the Hardware.
With ADrive you’ll no longer have to worry about running out of storage space on your local hard drive. You can avoid the hassle of using external storage devices by using ADrive’s online storage and backup service.

Stop Worrying, Protect your Files.
Are you afraid of losing your valuable photos or entire collection of music if you get a virus or your computer crashes? By uploading and storing your files with ADrive, you are protecting your data from outside threats and computer failures.

Access Anywhere at Any Time, Centralized Storage.
Simply login to your ADrive account from any web browser to view, download, or upload your files. ADrive is your secure location for your valuable data.

File Sharing
Don’t worry about emailing large file attachments anymore with ADrive’s file sharing service. Just email your friends, family, and collagues the link to your ADrive shared file.
Complete Folder and Directory Upload *New*With this feature, you can now conveniently drag and drop your whole folders or directories for upload on ADrive.

Easy Search Tool *New*
Having trouble looking for a specific file? Use the search bar to find the exact file without the hassle of looking through each directory.

Remote URL File Transfer *New*
Now you can transfer files from external websites to your ADrive account via remote connection. Once stored in your account, the files will be accessible through the download or share functionality.

International Character Support *New*
Due to the demand and popularity of ADrive across the world, they have implemented the support of international characters in file names making it more convenient for their international users.

Edit Documents Online with Zoho® *New*
Their partnership with Zoho® provides you with another useful service. Without having to open up Word and Excel programs, you can easily edit your documents and spreadsheets on ADrive and save your changes instantly without the need of re-uploading the revised files

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Rick said...

Thanks. I just started using recently. The sharing feature and the massive storage alone made me stick with it.