Monday, February 18, 2008

RSS Micro - The most comprehensive RSS feed search on the web

In May 2006, RSSMicro (Irvine, California) launched its beta search engine, an experimental search tool designed to reach and explore new frontiers in search. It instantly became the buzz on many search engine blogs and discussion forums. Since then, RSSMicro has received hundreds of reviews and comments. Many of these ideas were successfully implemented to form a new and highly competitive search service which has never been offered by rival search engines. RSSMicro search engine is a project from AlisoTech.

RSSMicro expects a significant growth potential for RSS feeds, a new data syndication format currently used for blogs and news. RSS feeds' rapid growth technology is being widely adopted by small to enterprise level companies. RSS feed and its subsequent technologies have the potential to change the way we search the web.
Along RSS feeds, RSSMicro is committed to evaluating, exploring and implementing new technologies such as AJAX, multi-core development, innovative database and system design in order to improve search performance, and create more interactive search applications. Similarily, it has created innovative ranking system (PDF - 16 pages) to provide best search results possible and avoiding web spam and blog spam in the search results

Key Features
Indexing more news than Google
As of Dec 2007 more than 9,200 news sources are being indexed and fully searchable. Refreshing the entire news index every few hours
A true hybrid search engine
For the first time offers innovative hybrid search, the ability to search for RSS feeds and search in RSS feeds
Diversified RSS feed index
1.3 million RSS feeds in tier one and more than 15 million feeds in tier 2 fully searchable
RSSMicro offers an extensive RSS feed directory based on DMOZ open directory project
Search in news, blogs, press releases, forums, discussion boards, articles, and potentially anything that can be published in RSS/Atom format
More than 65 million blog posts, news articles have been indexed and fully searchable
RSSMicro adds and indexes tens of thousands of new items every hour
Best Ranking System
RSSMicro makes it possible to search articles within various time frames, builds an efficient method in which it balances the rank and freshness of the search results
As of Dec 2007, RSSMicro has finished crawling more than 124 million high rank pages in order to find and index quality RSS feeds
Deep Search
RSSMicro suggests millions of relevant search keywords, using a technique known as clustering

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