Friday, February 22, 2008

Your Personal Internet Assistant - PageOnce

PageOnce takes the information appropriate to each account and displays it in a Netvibes/PageFlakes-like layout. Use it to view how many cell minutes you have left, the balance of your credit card/bank account (use with caution..), updates to your social network, and much more. Link to try out the closed beta is in the story.

Despite the fact that PageOnce needs to build relationships with many of the account providers in order to retrieve information from them (not everyone has an API like Facebook after all), the company has done a good job digesting information for at-a-glance presentations from a fairly wide range of providers. The “fetch once” technology behind the site, however, only pulls information from elsewhere; it doesn’t push information back, so you can’t actually make changes to your bank account while on PageOnce; you’ll need to follow links to the bank’s website itself.
Test out by yourself..


ahikam said...

@ Editor,

Thanks for the nice posting. Please note that PageOnce doesn't require any relationship with providers to get the information from those sites. If a user doesn't find the website/service he needs in PageOnce, he submits a request and we can add it within 10 business days.

Ahikam Kaufman, PageOnce

DailyInfo said...

Thank you for your correction.