Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MileScript: A new language that compiles to JavaScript

Joshua Harrison has released MileScript which in his words:
.... is an object-oriented, strongly-typed high-level language which we developed from scratch, while following the models of Java and C#. Milescript allows developers to code Milescript source files and packages in a structured manner, and then generate those projects as applications or as libraries. The generated ECMAScript is 2.6.2 compatible, and runs in Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and IE. Although we still have a long way to go in fleshing out our libraries, we believe the compiler and language are at a state where the general community could gain significant value from them. The project is still under heavy development, and we are all very involved. Updates should come often. We are very excited about the possibilities; for instance porting the Dojo toolkit to our language would make it more robust, easier to distribute, and easier to work on for the majority of coders.
We really want to start hearing feedback so that we can grow this into a truly open-source, community driven project

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