Monday, October 22, 2007

A diverse list of useful websites to make life a little easier

1. Crossfit
A free fitness website that posts a new "workout of the Day" every day. The workouts are used by military personnel, athletes, and normal people. The site also contains an index of the exercises used in the workouts complete with videos and slideshows. They offer a newsletter for those willing to pay. It is an outstanding site for both fitness gurus and average Joes.
2. Lonely Planet
This site offers, among other things, an outstanding resource for anyone researching travel destinations.
3. Retail Me Not
A catalog of online coupons posted and reviewed by users. The coupons vary from sites like Polo to Amazon to Papajohns.
4. Web MD
Provides a reference for anyone looking to diagnose his or her symptoms or research medical issues. It is a good place to visit before making that, oh so expensive, trip to the doctor.
5. Epicurious
A source of cooking information ranging from recipes to techniques to restaurant reviews.
6. E-How
A reference site for just about everything else. Want to k now how to wax snow skis? Make pizza dough? Install a bathtub? This is the place.
7. Kayak
Combines search results from several different travel websites and presents them in a very user-friendly interactive format.
8. Bartleby
One of the better academic research websites I've come across.
9. Monster Jobs
Looking for a job? Need a resume?
10. How Stuff Works
A very cool website that contains explanations of those mysteries in life that you just can't figure out. A few examples are Murphy's Law, Pickpockets, and Light Sabers (Yes, light sabers).
11. Product Wiki
A wikipedia-type product review website. All reviews and articles are written and updated by the site's users.
12. What Should I Read Next
Can't decide what to read next? Simply enter a book title and/or author that you like and the site will recommend a number of books for you.
13. The Universal Packing List
This is a very unique website I found that creates a packing list for you based on information you provide regarding your trip and intentions/plans.
14. Happy Median
Enter your location and a friend's location and this site will tell you where you should meet (Halfway).
15. Musicovery
Seriously, the coolest music-related site I've seen. You choose the mood, intensity, and genres of the music you would like to hear and the site will provide you with a virtual web of music to explore. The web evolves with each choice you make. You can click on any song in the web at anytime.
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