Thursday, October 11, 2007

My daily life can’t live without top 10 tools

Firefox - Firefox plus Greasemonkey takes an already rockin’ browser into a world of its own.
ScribeFire - Writing on blogs. This means lots of linking, bookmarking, making notes and of course the actual writing. I would say using Scribefire I can do it all in half the time. Scribefire is a Firefox plugin that provides blogging tools including a centralized word-like text editing interface.
Skype - Skype makes these calls free or much cheaper and allows me to roam around and not be tied to a land-line.
Fastmail - The main advantage is having a web client you can also access your email using imap, allowing me to sync my desktop client and see in a web browser exactly the same email store.
WebDav - Talking of web based storage, a fantastic way to get your files on the go is WebDav. Drag and drop your files and folders just like you were working locally. Check out your web host to see if this is an option.
SSH - This is an extremely nerdy choice but it has been a life saver in the past. SSH allows you a secure command line login to your remote server. On Windows of course you can use Remote Desktop, and other platforms will have VNC, but when the proverbial hits the fan you can rely on SSH and old school commands to get the job done.
WordPress - Use it for publishing your corporate website, internal project documentation, team collaboration, making notes, bookmarking, even as a discussion platform.
Photoshop -. Once you have learned it, Photoshop makes that happen for working with images.
BlogBridge - I need my RSS feeds and I need them with me. While many people can argue in favor of their fave web clients I keep returning to BlogBridge happily time after time. It is a Java based desktop application so works wherever Java works and stores your feeds offline so you can read on the train, in the air or bus home.
Flickr -Flickr for me is more than just an online photo gallery, it is a photography archive, a community and a source of royalty-free images (Creative Commons Licensed pics). It’s useful, fun and a constant source of education.

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